Monks, Goats & Coffee Beans: An Origin Story

Origin - RHC

Coffee is a magical substance that provides morning comfort, energy through the day, and sometimes evening enjoyment – particularly with a good book or in good company. The aroma and taste of coffee is equally complex, if not more so, than a fine wine and aficionados know that where the coffee comes and how it is roasted are both crucial to the final taste which helps define the coffee experience.

Where does coffee come from? The short answer: all
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Burleson Farmers Market

Burlsn Farm Mrkt

Have you been yet? Is there a local farmers market in your community? What a great place to be! We love ours in Burleson!

I love the many familiar faces that visit week in and out. Some come to buy their weekly goods but some just come to see friends or socialize a bit.

I love the vendors that sell locally produced products. Great people with great products! Fruits, veggies, meat, baked goods, face painting, bounce houses, hand crafted goodies and of course coffee 😉

It’s no longer “A” place to be on Saturday mornings… It’s “THE” place to be!

Visit your local farmers market or visit ours but definitely make it a Saturday morning event!

Burleson Farmers Market